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FOX News
Nov 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
secretary kathleen sebelius seem to be sending some mixed messages. >> before the affordable care act these bad apple insurers had free reign. >> the affordable care act is not going to be the reason why insurers have to cancel your plans. >> we are going to help folks whose old plans have been cancelled by the insurers. >> i don't think there is any blame on insurance companies. they were trying to follow the law. >> i think it's legitimate for them to have to expect me to win back credibility on this healthcare law. >> he doesn't need to win it back. >> editor bob cusack joins us. >> hi, greta. >> that was rough. i mean, the president says he needs to win back his credibility. secretary sebelius says doesn't. maybe she is being plight or maybe he is being plight. i don't know, not good. they should be on the same page, at least. >> it's tough for the white house this is an old play in the playbook to go after the insurance companies. we saw that during the bill's passage in 2009 to 2010. the insurance companies were the villains. immoral villains nancy pelosi called them. now, they
Nov 16, 2013 12:00am PST
major plan. why does he not fire kathleen sebelius? surely a head has to roll and she's the obvious head. >> well, i believe in due course a head will roll. >> her head? >> i would assume at some discrete interval she will find a way to leave. i don't think they should humiliate her. i don't think it's hers. this is a white house that centralized power and taken power away from cabinet officers and put it in the white house and they didn't have the team. i think howard has a good point about the quality of the team to run it. the president has good people with him in his inner circle. the people from chicago are terrific but never brought in a heavy weight to run. if he brought in tom from the beginning, as i think he still should have done or howard dean could have been helpful. somebody was a heavy weight who understand management and politics. >> howard, let me ask you this, you're a doctor, do you think the fundamentally obama care is a good idea, and the problem is implantation or the problem is flawed? >> this is a doable idea. the major problem here is that the website crashe
FOX News
Nov 16, 2013 8:30am PST
think of with a finger in the law, from kathleen sebelius, harry reid, and nancy pelosi and debbie wasserman schultz. and the writer of law. some ignored us and some said they were too busy. i send this, on-air invite to the people to make myself available to you. i want five minutes to ask you question and get the truth. what do you say? don't be afraid. i won't bite. see you on "the five." >>> i can't argue for bad policy. >> we're not focusing on angst amongst the democratic republican politicians. our focus is the angst of americans americans who got a cancellation notice and should haven't gotten one. >> individuals are best to decide what policy is best for them. >> dozens of democrats breaking ranks with the white house. signing on to a house g.o.p. fix for obamacare. what does it mean for the future of obamacare and the 2014 election? we talk to frank luntz. your personal information at risk. congressman pete king from the house homeland security committee is here with a big-time
Nov 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
think kathleen sebelius didn't understand this. she got a lot of mumbo jumbo people explaining it and said things that were misleading. >> listen, i'm sorry, look, we had a variety of newspaper reports saying his staff did know. they had a big argument what he should say and how to describe this. the political people basically came down hard on you've got to make this very simple and very reassuring and that's the way we'll sell this program. i just do not believe that the president had no knowledge of that. it's so fundamental to the program about how you pay for this program. >> in terms of accountability, david, the president can say the buck stops with me. of course it does. this is the president and his mayor plan. why does he not fire kathleen sebelius? surely a head has to roll and she's the obvious head. >> well, i believe in due course a head will roll. >> her head? >> i would assume at some discrete interval she will find a way to leave. i don't think they should humiliate her. i don't think it's hers. this is a white house that centralized power and taken power away from ca
Nov 16, 2013 3:00am PST
obama were, say, to fire kathleen sebelius, he would have to replace her with someone who would then have to go through senate confirmation. right now, the white house is in trouble, especially on capitol hill, and trying to get someone new confirmed would be difficult for them. erin mcpike in washington, thank you. >>> msnbc has yanked alec baldwin and his late-night talk show off the air. that has happened for two weeks. why the actor shouted a gay slur at a photographer. he did apologize. >> here's what he said, what i said and did this week as i was trying to protect my family was offensive. this undermines hard-fought rights that i vigorously support. >> baldwin overheated thursday outside of his apartment. he was struggling to get his wife and baby into his mercedes. glaad, a gay rights organization said baldwin can't support equality on paper and then degrade gay in practice. >>> thanksgiving is just around the corner. i love christmas. i love christmas. i like the whole season. so we're coming up on the holidays. it's time to start the holiday shopping, right? we'll tell you
FOX News
Nov 15, 2013 5:00pm PST
makings and kathleen sebelius wrote that rule that then counter the president's promise, right? so there is a process for doing this. unfortunately his own h.h.s. secretary was the one who wrote the rule who made his promise impossible to keep. so, it's part administrative and joanna, i think the question is whether a case will actually be brought. separate from the legality though, is these insurance industry analysts, people that like the kellogg school of management, they are saying, this could potentially just upend the entire insurance industry because they have already factored in the expanded risk pool. and that's why they cancelled these policies because they were going to have these all these people with preexisting conditions now and they had to rejigger the way that they were going to take in known money and their risk assessments. this totally upends that meaning the federal government could spend more. premiums next year could be more and all sorts of other unintended consequences. >> like so many things this was a short-term political fix for president obama to avert basica
FOX Business
Nov 16, 2013 10:00am EST
tell the public how many americans have signed up for obama care. hhs secretary kathleen sebelius confirming just a short time ago that the initial enrollment numbers are woefully short of the administration's target and far below even their lowered expectations. i'm lou dobbs. >>> good evening, everybody. the number is 106,000. that's how many americans have enrolled in health care plans in the state and federal exchanges through the first month of obama care, just a fifth of what administration officials had projected before the launch of and the opening of the exchanges. to make matters worse, the federal exchanges operating in 36 states accounted for only 27,000 of those successful enrollments. 80,000 originated in the state-run insurance exchanges. on a conference call this afternoon, secretary sebelius revealed the embarrassingly low number, but then opened herself and the administration up to outright ridicule by calling those numbers consistent with what massachusetts, a state of only 6.5 million people, experienced in its initial rollout of romney care. sebelius also
Nov 15, 2013 6:00pm PST
health care law's standards through 2014. in detroit today, kathleen sebelius, the secretary of health and human services, said she thinks most people will opt for new plans. >> we just hope that on balance, people find either affordable coverage staying with their plan for an additional year and have a transition year and that's what this really is kind of a bridge year or find for that far better coverage they are better off in the new market place. >> reporter: house republicans insisted today the president's administrative change is not enough-- that it takes the force of law to do what's needed. but the white house warned the president will veto the gop bill, if it ever reaches his desk. and in any event, the measure stands little chance of garnering a majority in the democratic-held senate. instead, a handful of senate democrats-- led by louisiana's mary landrieu-- is pushing its own bill. it requires companies to continue existing coverage, but unlike the house bill, it's limited to current customers. and unlike the one year limit in the plan the president announced yesterday th
Nov 16, 2013 8:00am PST
people want him to throw somebody under the about us? is it the kathleen sebelius? someone does have to be blamed for the president. the president says the buck stops with me. it's on me. are people fatigued of hearing that? do they want to see the president say this person is to blame and it's not just the buck stops here? >> i'm not sure they want to fire somebody, but they sure as heck want the government in better hands. and they want some serious adults who are in charge of things who are accountable that they can looking to with some sense of okay, we're in a much better place. let me go back to the reagan example. you know, he brought in a whole new team after iran-contra. he brought in howard baker as his chief of staff, ken duberstein as a deputy. brought in colin powell to be his national security advisor. he brought in a new lawyer who was we respected. in that case, the president understood -- it's not a question of firing people. it is a question of showing that the government, you can trust the government. he's got a fresh team. i think this president needs to bring in
Nov 16, 2013 5:00am PST
impeach him of whom? robert. >> president obama. >> encorrect. >> shauna. >> kathleen sebelius. >> encorrect. >> i got nothing. >> time. eric holder. a democratic member of congress who recently revealed that he's gay was found to be leading in a poll by 2 points in a race for governor of what state? >> time. maine, the state o maine. this prominent house republican and potential 2016 candidate will be the headline speaker tonight. >> paul ryan. >> we expect a fascial review guy to know that. 300 points here, larry preszler, a former three term senator who briefly sought the presidential nomination in 1980 and bolted to endorse barak obama announced this week he may run as an independent correct year for his old senate seat in what state. >> i know you know this. >> i know i know this i knew the previous. >> time. correct answer south dakota. 300 point question. this former senator who lost his seat to a tea party challenger will be awarded a presidential medal. >> lugger. >> that's correct. 300 point question. >> this republican officially filed papers friday to challenge mitch mcconal. >>
Nov 16, 2013 1:00am EST
keep it, period. it goes back to a time when kathleen sebelius, secretary of h.h.s. said, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. it goes back to a time when the majority who passed the legislation in the house and in the senate said, if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. period. i thank the chairman for his leadership. i thank the speaker. yield back my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from california. mr. waxman: mr. speaker, i yield two minutes to the gentleman from oregon, member of the ways and means committee , mr. blumenauer. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from oregon is recognized for two minutes. mr. blumenauer: thank you. i appreciate the gentleman's courtesy. the expectation that somehow the elements of the affordable care act would not be implemented is simply false. people can keep health insurance, but there are always going to be the new standards to make sure that people no longer have insurance in name only. that's what we heard about repeatedly in the efforts to try to reform the health c
Nov 16, 2013 1:00pm PST
know, on the race question they haven't been very nice to kathleen intel sebelius or a number of other people i could think of. >> it is striking me as interesting because the comments of these individuals, intentional or not, again, trying to undermine the legitimacy of the first african-american president, credibility, same thing with attorney general holder and there's no there there is obviously a great offense on many levels. but, you know, eric, we all kind of know how this game goes. right? they feel like they're justified going after eric holder because they feel like they were in office and we went after their folks they, i don't know, started a war and things like that. there's an idea of this false equivalency but to the point that e.j. was making about the votes rights act, it also strikes many e that, you know, these kinds of fake scandals -- >> yes. >> time and resources are dedicated to -- i had to do it myself. xeroxing pages and pageless of whatever to get documents instead of going after texas on voter i.d. laws or making sure that laws are being implemented the way t
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)